About the Laser Screed

A laser screed is a motor driven machine, on wheels, that screeds concrete using laser receivers to keep the screed head at the right datum level. Whether flat or on grade, the laser screed provides more accuracy and efficiency to the level of finish on concrete slabs than manual screeding.

What are the benefits to me of using a Laser Screed?

  • Reduction in labour costs – you require less men to pour larger m2
  • More accuracy
  • More efficiency & Less Fatigue
  • Increase Productivity – complete larger square metres each day
  • Reduction in pump costs

How does a Concrete Laser Screed work?

The Laser Screed has a boom that extends over the concrete mix. This boom has laser levels attached to it to screed the concrete in all directions to ensure that appropriate levels are reached.

How will a Concrete Laser Screed save me money?

Using a laser screed will save you money on labour costs, by reducing ChiefEssays.Net manpower required with normal manual screeding of concrete. This also increases the number of square metres you are able to pour at one time, therefore increasing profit margins.

When I hire the Concrete Laser screed, what is involved?

On the day you’re ready to pour, our Laser Screed Machine and VOC experienced operator will arrive on site together approximately one hour before concrete to set up the machine ready to screed.

Your staff screeding edges and around obstacles, rake roughly level, and start the finishing process by coming behind with bullfloat etc.

There are other options available. if you require labour to help pour or complete supply and pour our parent company Concrete Partners can assist (see ‘about us’ section).

What do I have to do?

Contact Laser Screed Hire for your next job!

We will assist your team on your next pour day to ensure that your surface is produced with the greatest of accuracy and efficiency.

Our Divisions

Laser Screed Hire works in combination with Concrete Partners, our parent company.

Concrete Partners is a commercial concrete company with superior experience and project management. For any of your concreting needs, Concrete Partners will be happy to assist.

Laser Screed Hire provides services for Sports Construction Group for all of their Tennis, Basketball, Netball Court surfaces, Cricket pitches etc.

Due to the superior level finish, the use of a laser screed is perfect for these surfaces.

Watch the Laser Screed in action
Watch the Laser Screed in action
About us

Laser Screed Hire was established in January 2016 as a division of our parent company, Concrete Partners.

We saw a need in the industry to offer our technology to others concreters and builders around Queensland and Northern New South Wales, who have larger pours every so often but not the permanent staff to achieve my writing paper the desired accuracy and reliability for consecutive days of pouring

Laser Screed Hire is operated separately to our parent company Concrete Partners who can offer full holistic service to the concrete industry.

Another sister division is Sports Construction Group which utilizes the screed in the building of sporting facilities like tennis, basketball, netball courts. The accuracy needed in building these courts are the perfect work for the concrete laser screed.

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